Cousin Dude!

Here is my cousin Dude, all grown up. Dude lives with my Grammy. We went to visit this weekend. Dude had stitches! He got neutered and had a hernia removed last week. He also got his teeth cleaned. He has been very good, so he doesn't have to wear a cone.

Isn't he handsome? I just love dachshunds. We have a great time together. He is always up higher than me, because he hardly ever leaves Grammy's lap (just like in the picture).

He barks at mom when she stalks me through the yard. I think that's going a little overboard, but he is pretty brave. He doesn't know mom is just playing. Dude is cool!


Dachsies Rule said...

That is one handsome cousin you have ... but we might be a little biased.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Cairo The Boxer said...

I am glad your cousin is feeling better. I love visiting my grandma they always give you stuff that your parents won't give you.

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Cubby,

Thanks for sending your best wishes for Opy, she is doing much better now. She is actually a little fruity in the head. I think it must feel better to have that yucky thing gone. It seems like lots of doggies are in the wars at the moment. Im just glad that there's lots of good friends like you sending paw-prayers out to make them feel better.

Luv Charlie