Barney and Betty

It is still Puppy Picture Week (great idea, Zach!), so I thought today I would show you some puppy pictures from mom's previous boxers.

These cute things are Barney and Betty on their first day with mom.

After mom lost her very first boxer, Sophie, she decided to get a puppy. She went to meet a puppy, but there were only two left in the litter! You know how boxers turn on the charm . . . she came home with TWO!

Little did she know the havoc two babies could wreak. She only met Sophie as an old calm boxer. She never experienced boxer puppy energy!

They grew up to be beautiful, charming, well behaved boxer twins. People would stop mom on the street to meet these beauties. She misses them terribly, even though she adores me (and Dakota).

If you can handle any more cuteness, come back tomorrow for my other mom's former baby . . . Bad Minnie!

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Cairo The Boxer said...

AWWWW so cute! I love the picture of them on top of one another, their eyes are looking at the camera!

Don't you just LOVE the boxer charm?

When my parents started to think of dog breeds they learned boxers were HIGH ENERGY. My parents thought they had energy and were active people. Boy did I teach them what active means. They think they might want an older boxer next time maybe 1 - 3 years old. Rescue of course!

But that won't be till we move to our forever home (we live in a townhouse). By the way how old were they when they passed?