LBR Puppies

To close out Puppy Picture Week, I want to show you Legacy Boxer Rescue's Puppy Brigade!

In addition to Clover, who I introduced to you before, Legacy has several puppies. Cosmo, Thor, and Parker are the puppies of Bianca, a boxer who was VERY pregnant when she came into Legacy's care. Her puppies are only half boxer, but they are honorary boxers. They had another brother and sister who were both adopted this weekend.

Kelsey, with the half white face is about a year old, and very cute. Soda, the guy with the ball, was called Orange at the vet because he had an orange collar. Now he is Orange Soda.

The little cute white boy on the bottom left and the mangy baby on the right are just coming into our program. They haven't been named yet, but they are cute as can be.

All of these babies are looking for a new family. Do you think you could be that family? Go to www.savetheboxers.com to apply to adopt a boxer!


Tigersan said...

Me hopes all will have a great family :)

Cairo The Boxer said...

Look at all the puppies :)

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Hi Cubby,

Thanks for doing your bit to try and help all those cuties find homes.

Big Licks!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Cubby,

Ditto what Charlie said. Makes me mad that you have to even try and find these babies homes :-(

(the more mature beauty of the two !)