Mommies' Adventure

Today start's mom's vacation! Ten days of all mommy all the time!

So instead of staying home with me today, they left me all alone (with Dakota) and went and met some other dogs. The basset hound is Maxine. She was adopted a year ago along with her sister. They knew before her adoption that she was not good with cats. Maxine's new mom, knowing she was bad with cats, went out and got a kitten this week. I suppose you can guess the sad outcome. Apparently Maxine's mom was too dumb to think ahead. Anyway, she immediately brought Maxine to the shelter and left her there. So the moms picked her up and took her across town so she is safe and can be adopted by someone less stupid.

While they were at the safe place, they met a boxer named Boomer. He was very cute and needs a new home, too. He was also the victim of a dumb owner. We don't need to go into that story, but here's a picture of the cute guy.

While they were gone, I took care of this box that was sitting on the floor. It looks way better now than it did when they left. Do you like the remodel? I also made a big spit pile by the front door and chewed on the blinds a little. I can't let them forget they are not supposed to leave me alone!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Way to go Cubby ! That cardboard box looks much better now :-) I am continually astounded at the stupidity of humans - do they have ANY brains at all ? Us 4 legged furbabies are not toys to be discarded whenever it suits them ! Hopefully Maxine and Boomer will find much better homes (and owners) than they have previously.

Dachsies Rule said...

What were they thinking?!?! Maxine and Boomer are so much better now to be away from such stupidity. But it abounds. We had a dachsie adopted and, when she decided she didn't want him anymore, she dropped him at a shelter instead of calling the rescue group. We will always go get one of ours that is no longer wanted! (And yes, we got our boy back safely.)
Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Zach said...

WHAT???? Passed over for a cat? Let me at that cat! What a silly, silly owner. I hope she gets cat scratch fever. The nerve! Dogs are the only way to go. Maxine could come live with us but we're too far away, the same with Boomer. Mom would take everyone in but we can't. By the way - great job on the box!

Isabella said...

Cubby, you are so brave to destroy things while your moms are gone. I never get away with anything and lose privileges if I tear stuff up- like I have to stay in my crate if she can't watch me. I am trying to be good because I have been getting more freedom lately. But that studio is full of temptations, dontcha' know? So far I am resisiting them, but you never know when a long piece of lace is going to seduce me back into my old ways.
Big Wags,

Cairo The Boxer said...

Hi Cubby, I really like what you did to the box! As for the human well they should not be allowed to have anymore fur babies. Those humans will get whats coming to them someday