Gone Again

The moms went out without me again today. They went to pick up some crates, but they were gone for a long time. They went to Buddy's house! Remember him? He had surgery on his knee. Some of my blogger friends even helped pay for it. Well, Buddy still is recovering. It's been a month since the surgery. He's still favoring that leg, but his scar looks good and he's growing his hair back.

The good part is that I was so good while they were gone, that I got some new toys! Apparently, the great ladies who were helping the basset hound, Maxine, gave them to the moms yesterday as a thank you present. It was very nice of me to give up my moms for several hours. Thanks Kathy and Sherri! Here I am trying to keep Dakota from the goodies!

Now she got one! Don't worry, I'll get it back!


Isabella said...

Kewl new toy! Dontcha' just love toys? Must be tough having to share with Dakota. That's the one good thing about being the only dog- no sharing, it's all mine! But it might be fun to have another dog to play with me, when the humans are busy and ignoring me.
Big Wags,

Cairo The Boxer said...

Aww you should share with Dakota.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting the Mommies help Maxine, Cubby! She said to tell you that she is doing very well and can't wait for a family of her own. With any luck, she'll end up being very much loved just like you are! And we are so glad that you like your new toys :) Looks like you are doing a very good job of protecting them!