The heat here in Texas is awful, but it does have one benefit.

Frosty Paws!

Have you ever tasted Frosty Paws? It is delicious doggy ice cream (mom warns the other mommies - don't lick your fingers if it gets on you. It is NOT nummy for people. Don't be fooled by your dogs' delight - BLECH)!

We came in from our hot horrible walk today, and, after we cooled down a bit, we ate Frosty Paws. It was cold and nummy! Notice Dakota's spaced out look. She loves to eat.

Can I have some more, mom?


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

I had never heard of Frosty Paws before. I'm asking my mom to get me some!

Cairo The Boxer said...

I just get yogart and ice cubes in my bowl. But at least when my parents go to work they leave the A/C on for me :) I have nice parents and mommy always leaves the TV on for me I watch sesame street all day or dora the explorer. Mom wants me to be bilingual.

Kat said...

Frosty Paws is fun!

Isabella said...

Hey Cubby! That frosty paws stuff looks good! I get a little bit of ice cream when the humans have it- it is my favorite food ever- love it, love it, love it!
Big Wags,

MJ's doghouse said...

when i used to live in ontario...i used to get frosty paws...then i licked them till they thawed out...my mommy never licked them for me...hahahah..

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Mom got me some Frosty Paws! She got them at the local Walmart. They were in the human ice cream section. It was the plain kind. They make a peanut butter kind but mom said they didn't have that flavor. Frosty Paws is wonderful. Mom said there is a recipe for making a kind of Frosty Paws out on the internet but she doesn't have the time or freezer space to make it. As long as she keeps giving me the regular Frosty Paws, I don't mind!

Zach said...

Wow - Frosty Paws - I bet I'd love it! Do they have Skinny Paws for Chani, LOL?