Swimming is Poo-Poo

Saturday was not a fun day.

To be honest, it was partly fun. We went over to Grammy's house, and I got to play with my cousin, Dude. But for some reason, the mommies brought Dakota with us. Dude did not like Dakota. She kept wanting to play, and he would run away and hide in Grammy's lap. Dakota kept poking him with her big pointy nose, trying to entice him to play, but he only likes me!

Then we went over to Aunt Laura's house. She has a big yard, a big pool, and a big herd of Yorkies! Dakota, the mommies, and Aunt Laura spent the whole day in the pool while I got barked at by the Yorkies. Not fun. Dakota should not get all of the attention. Also, the mean mom put me in the pool one time to see if I would like to swim. It was scary, and I did not like it. She promised she would not do it again. BAD mommy!

Later, Dakota found a baby in the yard, a Santa porcupine, and she played with it half the time. That part was fun, because I was doing boxer burns in the big yard while Dakota fetched the baby and the Yorkies barked at me. It was also funny that Dakota had to have a bath before we went home. She was not happy about that. Hehe.

We were very tired after all of the fun. We slept all the way home in the car. Then, Dakota played a trick on the mommies. When we went on our walk last night, Dakota kept her tail down. She normally walks with it high in the air, but not last night. It was dragging the ground. They thought it was broken or that her back was hurting, but I think she was just too tired to hold it up. It was back to normal this morning.

While we were walking, not only did we find some sprinklers, but we saw an armadillo three times! He came out of some bushes right in front of us. Then, once mom had dragged me passed the bushes, he came out and ran across the street. I think I woke up the whole neighborhood barking! Then, when we were almost home (we had gone around the small patch of woods), the armadillo came out of the woods and crossed the street right in front of us! Very exciting walk!


threecollie said...

Hah! Alan put Nick in the lake up at camp too and Nick pouted all week, before he finally got brave enough to paddle in the shallows.

aztigger09 said...

Looks like Dakota has the right idea to keep cool...staying in the pool! Titus won't get in the pool either...maybe it's a boxer thing that they don't like to or just can't swim!

Isabella said...

Wow, you two had a super dooper weekend! I've never seen an armadillo but I would sure like to!
Big Wags,

Zach said...

Cairo doesn't like water either, so don't feel bad.

Dachsies Rule said...

What a silly armadillo to keep coming around you. It should have run (waddled) away from such a ferocious boxer!

Boxerlady said...

We love to swim too Dakota! Only we get to swim in a lake. Once a year our mom does take Coco to a pool and swim though. It looks like you had a good time!