Squirrels and Hamsters

Today was a fun day. I got to go outside without Dakota (she thought it was too hot and tried to hide on her dog bed), and I found a squirrel! He was running up and down the tree trunks, and I almost caught him. I was only inches from his head.

When we got home, the moms went out to eat. I was mad - they are only allowed to leave me to help boxers! They told me the dinner was a fundraiser, so I guess I'll let them off the hook - this time. At least they invited my friend Jennifer over to stay with me! She is so cool! She lets me kiss on her and she naps on the couch with me. They say she's the babysitter, but really she's just my friend.

When the moms came home, we went out again, and I looked for the squirrel, but I must have traumatized him, because he was nowhere in sight. I know I'll catch him if he comes near me again! Squirrel soup!

If you're wondering about the picture, mom was dangling cheese over our heads to make us look up. One of the Legacy Boxer Rescue volunteers dangles her hamster, Rex, to get her dogs to look. We don't have a hamster, but maybe someday I'll get to visit the lady. I know I could catch Rex! He can't be as fast as a squirrel!


Cal the Wonderdog said...

Dangling hamsters - I've never heard of that. But it sounds like fun.

I caught a squirrel once, but that's because he was frozen. Tasted like a popsicle, but like squirrel. My humans stole it and threw it in the bin. I suppose the raccoons got to eat it. They always get the good stuff . . .


Zach said...

Boy I bet your Moms would get in trouble if you caught Rex! Then you'd get in trouble too! I think Rex snacks would be a bad idea - keep looking for that squirrel!

Anonymous said...

Rex's grandmother would like Cubby to know that no hamsters were harmed in the making of the pictures and that cheese probably tastes much better and won't give you indigestion :) Plus, cheese doesn't wiggle when it's going down.