Questions Answered

Mom says it's time to answer some questions from my blogger buddies! So here we go!

1. Cairo asked, "How much do you weigh?"
I weigh 62 pounds. That's a good size for a girl boxer, but little for a boy like me. Cairo said she only weighs 42 pounds! She's a tiny cute little boxer!

2. Zach asked, "Where does Bad Minnie live now?"
Bad Minnie lives with mommy's friend Amanda in Houston. She loves being an only dog, and watches over her cat brothers and sister like a mother hen. She gets to go jogging all the time, and soon she is going to have a new human sister!

3. Cairo asked, "How old were Barney and Betty when they passed?
When Barney was 8, he started having seizures. He had always been a very healthy boy. He went very quickly from a brain tumor.
Then mommy started spoiling Betty a little. They were twins from the same litter, and mommy missed Barney very much. To be honest, Betty loved being an only dog. She was an only dog for about a year, until Dakota and the other mommy moved in.
Betty had cancer most of her life - three different kinds. Finally, one afternoon, a month shy of her tenth birthday, Betty fell down, and she couldn't get up. She was very pale. Mommy rushed her to the vet, but she was dying.


Cairo The Boxer said...

Thank you for sharing. My mom wanted to know how long do boxer live, she gets different answers every time. But it seems around 8 - 10 years is the avg :( too bad they don't live forever....

Zach said...

Sounds like Bad Minnie isn't so bad anymore!

MJ's doghouse said...

Very sad puppy story...But better to have loved and lost....MJ very sappy today....You are very cute cubby....YOur HIghness MJ

Isabella said...

Yesterday I was reading about a dog that was badder than Minnie- a Dobie that ate Elvis's teddy bear. I bet that Dobie is in lots of trouble! But I'd eat it, too, if I was given a supid job of guarding a stupid teddy bear. That would be so boring it would drive any dog to attack the teddy bear. And that's what stuffed toys are for, dontcha think?
Big Wags,

Turbo the Sibe said...

Hi, just stopping in to see you! I'll be back. Do you think I should get an armadillo?

Amy and Zoom said...

Sorry to hear about Barney and Betty ='(

Amy and Zoom (future dog guide)

SpillToJill said...

Love teh pics of hte pooches!

Dee said...

Sorry to hear that. I put down my last dog because of seizures as well.