All About Cubby

Yesterday was all about me. The moms first took me to my photo shoot. Forty-five minutes under those hot lights and my modeling career is over. Who thinks it's fun to stand around looking cute while everyone makes fun noises, but nobody wants to play? The moms seemed to enjoy themselves, so I guess it was worth it.

Well it's done anyway. I can't wait to see the pictures. On the bright side, I did get to see Legacy volunteers, Marla and Erin. Erin was very sweet to me and Marla made funny noises - she was entertaining! I also saw Gail, Sally and Sally's boxer, D, very briefly.

After that, we drove across town to the adoption fair. I got to meet cute boxers galore (OK, meet is an exaggeration - I got to see them and hear them). I was very good. I also got petted by tons of Legacy Boxer Rescue volunteers, including my foster mom, Vasha! She was as fun as I remember, except she kept lassoing my little tail with my leash handle - RUDE!

Who else petted me? Melanie (who took more pictures of my cuteness), Lori, Kathy, Sharon (our fearless leader), Kelly, Kristy, Trevor (a little kid, but a nice one!), Liz, hmm...there were more - I can't think!

And I saw so many boxers! Captain Jack, Lyly, Magic, Weston, Goose, Tess, Stubby, Kelsey, Marley, Ty, Domino, I know there were more boxers, too! The pictures down the side are Captain Jack, Kelsey, Lyly, and Goose. Captain Jack and Goose got adopted!


Flossikens said...

Ello =]

Thanks Cubby, but i will never be as cute as you hehe!

Great pictures, very very CUTE!!!


mary said...

Dang you boxers are the cutest..you being the most handsome of course Cubby. I wish you and I could have a life toghether..alas I have 7 cats 3 strays and live in an apartment. Youd esrved better. I will pray to the mighty canine powers that be..you get the best bestest home & human to go with it...and real real soon too!

Loves ya.

Cairo The Boxer said...

Wow those are some very cute boxers. Well not as cute as you of course but cute.

Talk to you soon :)

Isabella said...

Will we get to see your modeling pictures on your blog? I'd love to see them!
Big wags,

fee said...

when do we get to see the pix? i went for a photo shoot with my wire fox terrier parents too and i sulked in all of them!

hope to see your pix soon!


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful friends you have!