I Was Tagged,,,

...by Poseidon and Flossy.

Now I must tell you five reasons that I am a good doggy friend.

1. I taught Dakota how to play boxer-style. She even had the nerve to box me yesterday! When we first met, she would stand like a statue when I tried to play with her.

2. I always give Dakota the first piece of dog food from my bowl. I spit it on the ground just for her.

3. When Dakota says she sees something interesting, I always back her up by barking, even when I have no idea what she sees.

4. I taught Dakota to enjoy sprinklers and to drink from the water bottle.

5. I let Dakota eat all of the lettuce. I do sniff it for her first, but I don't even eat one tiny piece.

Now who should I tag...?

Ellie, the very cute white boxer puppy...

Daisy-Bean, the mommy boxer and her son, Diesel...

Zach, the handsome miniature American Eskimo...

Taz, the black lab...

And my first blogger friend, beautiful Cairo the boxer.

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Boxerlady said...

Someday we have to write out all the things our families have in common!! I love reading you posts because it reminds me exactly of us!! I taught my sister to box! I spit my food up on the floor and my sister eats it! My sister likes a weird food too! (not lettace, but bread!)
Charlie the Boxer