Silly Mommies

The moms said..."Let's adopt an older boxer that won't be as active - that will be easier on Dakota's back..."

Hee hee hee...think again!


Cairo The Boxer said...

OMG Cubby! You have a video!!! I love all the moves you made on Dakota. Love your signature right cross. Oh how I wish you lived by me. We could play together all the time.

Dachsies Rule said...

Dakota is so *lucky* your Mommies got an older less active boxer. What is a boxer puppy like? You looked like you were non-stop action! Way to go for an "older" girl!!

fee said...

halo cubby!

i can't watch your video! i think mom's computer is lacking some kind of 'softwear'. :(

agh, i must find a way to watch your video. i'm missing all the fun!