It was hot again tonight, and still no sprinkles, so mom brought the water bottle for us, and we got proof of my success - Dakota drinks from the bottle! Still, mom can't put the water up to her face - she waits until I am drinking and then she butts in.

We saw the cat again. He seems to have made a home out by our walking place. See if you can see him hiding in the bushes.

I do have one complaint. I don't like my new head collar. With all the critters we keep meeting on the walk, the moms are tired of having sore arms. An easier solution is so obvious! Let me chase the critters - duh! Oh well, I'm getting used to the collar - Dakota has worn one since she was a puppy, so I guess I'll live.

Tomorrow morning we're getting up early to go to my photo shoot. Yes, I am going to be famous. I'm going to be Mr. July in the Legacy Boxer Rescue 2007 Calendar. I can't wait! I still will love all my blogging friends, though...


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Oh, those evil cat eyes. They even jumped out at me 100s of 1000s of kms away.

I wear one of those haltis too. I just got a brand spankin' new blue one yesterday, the other one had worn away.

But yeah, I'm with you, leaving us off to chase those critters would be a far easier and much more acceptable solution.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Isabella said...

You are a grest teacher, Cubby! Yiou did such a good job of teaching Dakota to drink out of the bottle. You both a very smart dogs.

How exciting you get to be a model. Of course as gorgeous as you are, you will be a perfect model.
Big Wags,

Zach said...

You're going to be beefcake ... can I have your autograph now before you become too famous?

I have one of those gentle leads too but I pull anyway - I pull so hard that I get marks on my face from it. Mom doesn't use it anymore because of that. If I want to pull - I'll pull!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Wow Mr. July. I must get a copy of this...please tell us where to buy one and I will put it on my x-mas list.

Wow now I can brag to all my boxer friends that my boyfriend is Mr. July.