So I said Saturday is nap day, and I had a great day napping. Until midnight walk time. To my dismay, when we went out for the walk, it was raining! So to get inside while I was somewhat dry, I changed my normal policy and pooped promptly. I usually wait until the end of the walk, just to make the mommies nervous.

So after my prompt poopage, I turned to go home. But it was not to be. We did the entire walk in the rain! Outrageous!

So when I got home, I started drying myself on the furniture. Mom gave me rubbies with my orange stripey towel, and I forgave her. I love rubbies. I guess it was worth the walk in the rain after all. However, my late-poop-policy now stands in stone!


Cairo The Boxer said...

I got a 6 mile walk EARLY this morning. Mom thinks that since I am a working dog/breed I can help her train for a marathon. The sad thing is I can go longer distances than her. Mom is way too slow. I need to train her hee hee hee.

Zach said...

Rubbies are awesome ... I get them after a bath ... does it make you do zoomies?