Fall in Love With a Boxer

All of these beautiful boxers need a forever home. Can't you find a place for one of them? My Texas blogger friends can apply to adopt at www.savetheboxers.com


Zach said...

So sad that there are so many boxers without homes! I could use a brother to two to help keep Chani in line but Mom won't go for it!!

Cairo The Boxer said...

My parents will adopt next time! I mom even said she would like a deaf dog. Mom says I bark too much.

wally said...

hi cubby, i saw you were nominated for best blog at dogs with blogs so i thought i'd drop by. good reading, great pics. and dogs who help other dogs find homes RULE.

i'm partial to boxers because they drive my sister CRAZY--just like me!


Cairo The Boxer said...

Hi Cubby! How are you? Anything new going on?

aztigger09 said...

Oh, I wish I had a huge yard...I would totally adopt all of them, and give all of them the best home ever

Shannon said...

I agree with Wally. Dogs who help dogs find homes DO RULE!!!

Well done Cubby and Cubby's moms. If I was in Texas and had the time, space and finances, I would happily take one or two home.