Who's Bad?

Look who is Sitting with her big long nose in mommy's lap and who is sitting there like a good boy! Dakota is so bad when mommy eats popcorn. If mom isn't vigilant, she will stick her tongue right in the bowl.

Luckily, mom shares with both of us. The moms believe everything should be equal, so if I get something, Dakota gets something. It is all very fair (except boxers should get more, don't you think?).

On another note, mom says there's nothing funnier than an upside-down boxer, so I thought I'd share this picture with you.


Dachsies Rule said...

Cubby, boxers should get more but, it there are dachsies around, they should get the most. We are sure that is a doggie rule because we live by it!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

wally said...

that look deserves some pupcorn! if it wasn't meant for us, why are we in its name?

Cairo The Boxer said...

I do the same upside down face!

Zach said...

Mmmmm... pupcorn ... my favorite!! We are very, very vigilant when anyone eats pupcorn. I see you are an exceptional pupcorn watcher too. Way to go!

e said...

I LIKE that picture SOOO much!!
Hey Cubby
We're in the DWB Xmas card swap too and wanted to say hello.

Fei & E

Cairo The Boxer said...

So I guess we both lost! Oh well...at least we know we're winners with our families.

Studly Dudley said...

Hey Cubby! (and Cairo from above comment..)

My face looks like that too!
I think we're quite special.