Introducing, Blossom. Blossom reminds me of how cruel and unfeeling humans can be, how strong and resilient dogs can be, and how compassionate humans can be.

My friends at Legacy Boxer Rescue got a call one day from a back-yard breeder. They said they had three puppies that they couldn't sell. Immediately, a wonderful volunteer drove over to the home to see these puppies. What she found there were three hairless puppies in a filthy home.

By the next morning, we had foster homes for all three pups. This one in the cute sweater is Blossom. The two boys are called Butch and Sundance. Despite their terrible beginnings, These puppies are happy and wonderful personalities.

Mom got a new picture of Blossom today. Look how much she has improved! She's growing hair like crazy! If you live in Texas and you'd like to adopt Blossom or her brother, Sundance, go to www.savetheboxers.com to fill out an application!


Peanut said...

Oh poor Blossom. Some humans need to be hurt badly. I have to hide this blog post from mom. She gets terribly upset when she sees pictures and stories like this.

Cairo The Boxer said...

I had demodectic mange when I was a wee pup. I am so lucky that my parents spent the money to get me meds and take me to the vet. My mom was so mad, she called the pet store where I was bought and told off the owner. This pet store promised they did not buy from puppy mills but I came from MO (aka missery).

I had lots of health problems and mom made the vet write a letter to tell the owners NEVER to buy dogs from the "breeders" Mom also called the breeders and asked lots of questions and then told them off. Mom and dad are both glad they have me but they say rescue is the only way to go.