Halloween is Over

Halloween is over and done! Yet Dakota and I find ourselves wearing devil costumes. I may abandon the mommies if they keep this up. After seeing all my rescue and blogging friends dressed up on Halloween, we felt we had dodged a bullet. Then, days later, after we let our guards down, out come the devil horns.

I realize we look darned cute in the horns (especially me). But honestly, wearing costumes a week after the holiday is just ridiculous. Of course, we did get treats in exchange for the humiliation, so I guess it's a wash. I suppose I'll live here a little longer.

It was a busy weekend. I got to visit my cousin Dude, the dachshund on Sunday. There were loads of people there and I got to lick little kids and I got petted by the parents. There were tons of food. I got to poop in the ivy twice!

We came home and took a long nap! Great weekend.

Now for my biggest complaint of the week:
We have been denied our walk for the last week. Dakota and I keep telling the moms we want more walking, but they keep turning around too soon. I don't understand it. I thought we had them trained so well. They say it is because they were sick, one after the other, but they seem okay now. I'm getting a little antsy, so I hope we get our full midnight walk again soon. Dakota and I have been wrestling a lot more to make up for the lost exercise. Maybe if we break something, they will get a clue.

Enjoy the pumpkin pictures!


Boo said...

hey cubby,

you are not the only one that didn't get to walk! it has been raining almost every evening here. mom promised a morning or evening walk last sunday but it never come. i blame it on the rain!

wet wet licks


PoenyStormRider said...

same goes to here.. but i lov your costume, any group costume pictues can share with us?
this yr we don hv any halloween party here.. ~sad.

Cairo The Boxer said...

I am glad the moms are doing better. Be understanding Cubby, they will walk you more when they are feeling better. By the way you sure are the devil who stole my heart.

Zach said...

The Moms MUST be feeling better if they are playing dress-up with you! The things we put up with!

threecollie said...

You should have a nice halo instead of devil horns...you are too nice for those!