The First Day

Today I will present the first of the moms' twelve favorite ornaments. But first, I'll show you what came in the mail today (in addition to three Christmas cards for me).
How cute are these little boxer babies? Mom is very excited to see them, and placed them on the table (yes, it is very dusty) with another baby boxer and some bulls. We're not yet sure where the pups will live permanently . . .

But finally, the moment you have been waiting for . . . a pretty bell-shaped glass ornament from mom's childhood days. It's been on her Christmas tree every year since she was a wee pup, and she loves it.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Gasps, the boxer puppies are sooooo adorable. No wonder your mum likes the bell alot cos it is so pretty. It sure deserves its place on the Xmas Tree.

Boy n Baby

Joe Stains said...

those little boxer guys are so cute!

pretty bell!

Scrappy said...

What great puppy pictures.

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