Tiny Brothers

It has been a very tiring Christmas season, with lots of wrapping and unwrapping, decorating, visiting, volunteer work, and holiday specials. Now I am burying my head in the slightly damaged doggy bed so I don't have to watch A Christmas Story one more time.

Dakota was so tired, she has been sleeping on a bag of used wrapping paper and destroyed boxes. The moms picked it up now that she finally got her big mug off of it.

And in addition to the strange new sister, we also got several tiny new brothers. They are too small to concern me, but mom thought you might like to see. There were more than these three, but you can't see everything!

I hope you had a great holiday. Mine is ongoing, since mom doesn't go back to work until next week. I am one lucky dog!


Sid the Dog said...

Cubby- Enjoy your week of extra mom attention and get some rest! You look very tired... I covet your slightly damaged dog bed although I have been doing my best to make sure the couch doesn't escape.

macgoogle said...

Hey! I like the last little brothery thing - it has stripes like me! I say rest if you need it because humans think you are cute if you are resting and it's no extra effort!

Love and Licks,
Texas (and his humans).

laura said...

Those are some nice boxer statues. Our mom wants to know where you got them!!!
Love, Charlie and Coco