Love Thursday Week Two

Charlie and Coco, the dogs of the blog Love is a Four Legged Word, have invited me to participate in “Love Thursdays”.

I love my mom. That's why I give her big kisses like this! She loves me, too. Do you know how I can tell?

She stays home with me every day so I'm not alone. She holds my food bowl while I eat. She takes me to poop every afternoon. She goes and gets my ball when it rolls on the tile. She gives me my medicine every day with peanut butter. She saves some potatoes from her plate to give me every time she makes them. She gives me beans when Dakota is eating lettuce, so things will stay equal. She lets me sleep in the bed. We have Cubby Love Time every night while the other mom takes a shower. She makes the other mom put on my coat when it is cold outside. She turns up the heat when I get cold. She takes me to the doctor when I feel bad. She fills my water bowl when it is empty. She tells me it is OK when I throw up, even though I know I did something bad. She makes sure there are no cars coming before we cross the street. She gives me rubbies when I come in from the rain.

She does lots of other things, too. She is the best mom a dog ever had. I love my mom!


Anonymous said...

Cubby your a lucky guy to have moms that love you so much! Their pretty lucky to have you and Dakota too!

Proud Legacy Volunteer

Charlie said...

No wonder you love your mom!
- Charlie

Cairo The Boxer said...

That is what a mom is supposed to do! I have the same kind of parents. I love my house.

Joe Stains said...

awwe, what a nice mom!!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

No wonder you are a great guy. You have a great mom looking after you. From the way you describe those things that your mom does for you, she sure love you lots and lots.

Boy n Baby

Laura said...

Thanks for joining "Love Thursdays" again! And mom's rock!!!
Charlie and Coco