Love Thursday 4


Yesterday, someone dropped a VERY pregnant boxer at a local shelter. Because puppies born in shelters tend to get sick and die, Legacy Boxer Rescue wasted no time in getting this cute girl out of there. We called her Gidget.
It was not a moment too soon. Only a few hours after super-volunteer, Kathy, got Gidget home, she started giving birth. After a very busy and tiring night for Gidget and Kathy, we now have six gorgeous (and large) puppies to care for!

Look how big they are compared to poor little Gidget! They were only minutes old when the picture was taken!

So, I am asking all of my blogging friends to please make a small (or huge!) donation to Legacy Boxer Rescue to help with the unexpected costs of caring for these six cute babies. In return, I will post pictures regularly for you to see. OK, I'll post anyway, but look at that little baby face!

You can see more pictures and donate online through Paypal by clicking here!

Thanks! And thank you also to Coco and Charlie, who introduced us to Love Thursday. It's Charlie's birthday today! Happy Birthday, Charlie!


Ferndoggle said...


I can smell the puppy breath! How lucky are Gidget & her babies? What a wonderful rescue you have. We'll definately send something to help with their care.

Ferndoggle & the Dogs.

Finnegan said...

How CUTE!!!!! Poor Gidget, she looks skinny. I think I could see her spine in the picture. I am positive boxer rescue will bulk her up and find fantastic homes for all the boxers. We will be sure to make a donation!


Zach said...

Totally adorable! Thank goodness for the rescue!

How's your eye?

PerfectTosca said...

Well now my mother is all swooning over that gidget and her babies! Even perfect me has to admit she's cool!

Joe Stains said...

Mom gave enough to buy at least a couple of bags of kibble for those little puppers, they are TOO cute I made her give them some money!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Ooh the puppies are so cute.

Boy n Baby

Isabella said...

Awww.... those puppies are so cute. How's your eye, Cuby, and what did the doctor say?
Bog Wags,

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

I made my mom donate. The puppies are so cute. I'm glad their mom has a safe place to have them. She is so lucky. The only good thing the people that had her did was to turn her in. It's too bad they waited so long.