Oh my gosh. I was reading Ike's Blog just now, and this post was so funny, it reminded me of a story.

Dakota is well know for outrageous throwing up situations, like the Christmas Eve four days after mom's back surgery. Mom was stuck in a hospital bed downstairs, and Dakota threw up all day long. The non-surgery mom took her to the regular vet in the morning. Even with medicine, she did not stop. Mom tried to baby gate her in the kitchen for easy cleanup, but Dakota held it in every time until mom let her out. After dark she got to go to the emergency vet, since she was still throwing up. Christmas memories...

But this one time, she really made a spectacular sight. This was back when Dakota could still climb the stairs. She drank a whole bunch of water, went upstairs, turned around, and threw up right at the top of the stairs. The result was a totally cool waterfall going down step after step after step, while mom stood on the stairs stunned at the horror of the sight.

Not so funny at the time, and very difficult to clean up, but the memory is priceless!


Isabella said...

I like to throw up on the couch. Linda got tired of shampooing the couch so now we keep a blanket on the couch.

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Big Wags,

Lorenza said...

Poor Dakota and poor your mom too.
I throw up when I drink water pretty fast that's why my mom keeps telling me to slow down when I drink my water.
Have a nice weekend Cubby.

Charlie said...

We met one of our best friends, a vet, when our dog, Lindsey, started throwing up non-stop on Christmas day. You're right - these memories are priceless even if it's not so great at the time. :)
- Charlie's mom

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Way to go Dakota :) You are my hero - I have been known to do pretty good throw up as well ;)


Simba said...

ahhhh memories. Somethings maybe best forgotten!?

Simba xx

Maggie said...

Yucky Dakota! I don't get sick very often thank goodness!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

I love the image of the stairs waterfall!

Oscar x

Cairo The Boxer said...

OMG!!! What was wrong with Dakota???

wally said...

Poor Dakota! The barf waterfall sounds beautiful, though.


Ferndoggle said...

Ahahahaha! That is so much FUN! I like to wake up in the middle of the night & walk around and barf in every room in the house. It's super fun because Mom just follows me around in her jammies, telling me it's OK, she's not mad...and squirting this cleany stuff on my puke. Dad just stays in bed.


PiratesGrrl said...

ROFL, sorry for laughing but that would be hilarious to see. Good job!


Peanut said...

haha that was a funny story.