Birthday Toy!

I got a cool free birthday toy from PetsMart (finally, my moms went and picked one up). It's a football with arms and legs.

Of course, very quickly the evil Dakota swiped it!

But there is a new evil in town - an even greater evil than Dakota.
She tried to escape with MY football by climbing on top of the couch.

But the outcome was inevitable.

The greatest evil always gets the football.


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

You get no respect!

Bussie Kissies

Joe Stains said...

looks like there is a new sheriff in town if you know what I mean!!!

Freda said...

Hey Cubbys,

HAPPYS LATE BARKDAY!!! I was locked up in a kennel while my peeps were off drivin' arounds the country. I couldn't get to the magic typer in the office, so I couldn't bark to anydog.

What a cooools chew toy but looks like your temporary chew toy got YOUR new chews toy. Maybe you betters chew on the temp chew toy some mores. Whews!

Hope you had a great days.



Cairo The Boxer said...

Awww my poor baby! I will share all my toys with you.


The Muehli's said...

No respect at all! Poor Cubby!!

But maybe this will make you feel better...you've been tagged to play 7 facts/habits about me :) Hope you're up for it.
See the rules of this tag

Newfie kisses!

Maggie said...

Cool football! Mitch would dive in and steal it from me too so I totally understand just how that is Cubby!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw Cubby, I can't believe they stole your special barkday toy. maybe I am glad I'm an only dog!

Oscar x

Simba said...

I don't do sharing.

Simba xx

wally said...

Poor Cubby! You gotta watch out for the little ones.


PerfectTosca said...

Wow cool birthday present, Cubby! I hope you had a greaaaaaat day. Unfortunately it appears at though you have a bit of a pest on your paws. I suggest you eat him.

PiratesGrrl said...

Those little ones are trouble. Cool toy though!

The Brat Pack

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Cant believe they took you barkday pressie away from you.

Boy n Baby

Ben_Benjamin said...

Happy belated bark barkday!!
nice toy you have, Cubby. I bet its nice to chew.

Ike said...

You gotta fight for your rights!

...sweet saidie... said...

How long did your stuffie last? Mine are dead within minutes!