Well, it's over now. The big Howl-O-Ween Bowl was a fundraiser for Legacy Boxer Rescue.

We took off from home yesterday, and, after a little detour (the dorky moms got us lost), we ended up here.

It was sprinkling a little - you can see the clouds - but that didn't stop the moms. They made me walk in the rain. They're mean like that.

Thanks to the Showplace Lanes in Euless, TX for letting us bowl and being so nice to me.

I was a bowling fool, I tell you! But what is that on my head, you ask? Yes, you guessed it. A costume!

I went as Mickey Mouse. I was a very good sport. It was for a good cause, after all. And I looked very cute. Fortunately, I didn't have to wear the ears the whole time.

One good part was, I got to kiss this cute little boy. He was very nice to me, and he has two boxers at home. He dressed up as a soccer player!

I got two treat bags with homemade treats (and some human candy)! Now that I have tasted homemade treats, I am more jealous of all of you guys who have nice mommies that make them stuff. My moms need to get on the ball!

I got a very cute yellow (green?) ball to bowl with. But instead of bowling, I mostly walked around and shmoozed with the bowlers.

I got a good scratch by Brandi, she has nice long nails and knows how to use them! Kathy gave me great hugs and smooshed my face. My mom does that all the time!

Sharon, Legacy's fearless leader, even petted me. She told some people that I was the most spoiled dog in the world. What?!? Excuse me Sharon, do you see that I am wearing a costume and working hard for your rescue? If I was spoiled, I would be eating steak in the nude on a big king sized bed!

Sara made a giant bat-shaped cookie just for me. It was deee-licious. Maybe my moms could have the recipe (hint, hint). Amber petted me until I barked at her. I just wanted to play, but the moms say that barking is too loud. I made up with her later. I had fun teasing Liz. I ignored her for a long time, but then I played with her. I played with Felix, too. He was very fun.

Just when I got used to the Mickey costume, the moms took it off! Yeah! I was very happy until they broke out the lobster costume. Nooooooo!

My wonderful foster mom, Vasha, came over to save me, but no! She didn't save me at all! She just pulled up my lobster head. I thought she loved me!

Ken petted me, but he didn't share his pizza with me. It smelled great! I'll forgive him, though, because he got the most pledges of all the bowlers! Donna also petted me, and so did Kim. Kim looked a little freaky, though, in her ogre costume. She had a giant wig and a giant nose!

I even got a big hug and kiss from the star of the event, Kristen. Her team, the Pin Monkeys, won the bowling competition! She also won the costume contest. She was a pirate - can you tell? Her son Caleb came in second. He was a little pirate - so, cute! Kim, the ogre, came in third place.

I also got to meet Kristy's sister and brother. All three of them got some hugs from me. So did Karla. Kristy and Karla got the second and third most pledges. Great job!

I was very much the social butterfly! Just my kind of day, if I hadn't been wearing a costume, that is.

And what is this, you ask? Your very own Cubby came in fourth in the costume contest! Woohoo! Dakota was so jealous, she tried to bite my trophy! Imagine! I let her have two star treats, though, and then she agreed it was an okay day.

All in all, a very successful event. Everyone had fun, I got lots of treats and petting (and a trophy!), and Legacy made more money to help more boxers.


Joe said...

what a pawsome event!!! I cant believe you got to go in the bowling lanes, how cool is that? we are jealous!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Your costumes were all so cute and that bat cookie looked delicious!

Love ya lots,

Jackie said...

Cubby, I felt your pain as you were forced to wear those silly costumes. But you were handsome nonetheless. You can't hide THAT behind a costume! - Jackie and Chopper (p.s. -- I won't show Chopper the pictures, I promise)

sharon said...

Cubby, you were the star of the event! We wouldn't have had near as much fun or success had you not been there. You're still spoiled though! LOL! My guys just wish they had moms like yours!

See ya at the next event Cubster!


Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Cubby...
you're costume was pawsome...thank goodness there weren't any cats around, huh? hee hee hee!

Congrats on winning and dressing up for such a good cause.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Grammie said...

You looked great and sounded as if you had a pawsome day. How special is it to win a trophy. Keep up the good work.

The Army of Four said...

Woooo, Cubby! You are SO cool to put up with all that costuming to help raise money for the rescue group! I hope you got extra special EVERYTHINGS for that! Congrats on the trophy - that's a pawesome picture of you with it!
PS: Rain? I hope you didn't have to get your feety-feet wet on top of everything else!

Charlie said...

Oh Cubby! You're the cutest lobster we know!!

Zach said...

You better get treats if you have to run around and look like a doofus! Phew.

Finnegan said...

Great event! You are such a super doggy doing all sorts of good things for needy dogs. My mama and I are very impressed with you, Dakota, and your moms!


Comet and BLU said...

Your people sure are evil making you wear not just one costume but TWO! Glad you were able to survive the day.

I gotta ask..... did you make the bowling ball yellow? I would have!

Kathy Struve said...

Cubby - you make me laugh. And I love smooshing your face :) There's nothing that I like better than smooshy boxer faces!