Okay, Okay!

Dakota has been bugging me. Even more than usual. I did the girl a favor on Saturday, and this is the thanks I get! So here you go, Dakota, your moment in the sun.

We had the Legacy Boxer Rescue garage sale on Saturday, and I just knew Dakota would love these very cute toys, so I made the moms buy them for her.

See how happy she is! I should have saved these for her birthday next week, but it never even crossed my mind. She hasn't even destroyed any of them yet. I think she doesn't get as freaky with them, because they don't have squeakers. Because of that, Dakota makes the moms chase her for the toys. That's even fun for me!

So whoever donated these cute things to the garage sale, Dakota thanks you! Her favorite so far is the raccoon. Mine is the brown bunny. Yeah toys!

Now I have to think about what Dakota needs for her birthday...hmmm...any suggestions?


Simba said...

I'd have the stuffing out of that lot in an hour.

Simba xx

Frasier said...

I' m with Simba !!

Grammie said...

What a good brother. Garage sale stuffies are the best. I hope they made lots of money for the rescue. When our humane society had their garage sale in September thay made around $3000.00 Maybe get Dakota a Boxer Rescue calender for her birthday and of course a "wonderful" treat.

threecollie said...

Cubby, what a great guy you are! And those are wonderful photos of Blade and Sarge!

Harry said...

What a lot of toys! She looks really happy, excellent.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Cairo The Boxer said...

Give her a special treat like ice cream. Or let her pig out.

KB said...

i say get a big bone or rope..or a new kong!! i can't wait til my first birthday, hopefully i can have a doggie party..

Joe Stains said...

Our friend Liberty (aka Princess Sparkle) has that Octopus but the funny thing is she is a chiahauahuahuhauahua!! I am glad you guys got some new toys!!