Carter Finds a Brother!

Remember Carter? He was born as a Legacy Boxer Rescue baby. Remember when he got adopted?

Since then, Carter has had a promotion! He is Sarge now! Sarge has loved his family since he found them, but he shared with me that he has had trouble finding friends. See how bored he is?

So today, Amy brought the most popular Legacy boxer to meet Sarge. This is Blade. (Cairo, show your folks these pictures. You will have a brother before you know it!)

My moms got to go, too. Sarge's family invited them (they really wanted me to come, but the moms misunderstood and thought they were invited).

The boys played and ran and ran and wrestled. Most of the pictures were blurry blobs, but here are the best ones, for your enjoyment.

Everyone was worn out just by watching those boys play! They never stopped!

Sarge's aunt, uncle, cousin, and grammie were all there to meet the new baby!

Blade even got a standing ovation when he pottied in the yard (I need that kind of adoration)!

Congratulations on your new brother, Sarge. Congratulations, Blade, on getting a great new brother and a wonderful family!

Another happy ending, courtesy of Legacy Boxer Rescue! Great job Amy - thanks for helping that cute baby boy.


Cairo The Boxer said...

They look like best of friends already!!! I know, I know, I need a brother! Trust me, I love the pug but he is NO boxer.

Mom says we need to move to a house (we live in a town house).

Great story!

Grammie said...

Another happy ending for a rescue pup. They look like they will have many happy years together. Good for you Cubby and the Moms. Keep up the good work.

Chef said...

Good show, Cubby. I wish you all the best !! My mama loves the drawings! You may be interested in seeing my mama's "Boxerart" at my blog: www.boxerdogblog.blogspot.com

Glad to know you, Cubby!

Joe Stains said...

cartersarge is SUCH a big boy now, wow! We are so excited to see that he got a brother and that they get along so well.

Simba said...

Its lovely to see doggies running and playing together. It makes me want to join in.

Simba xx

Ferndoggle said...

Yay!!! I love those kind of stories. Those boys look like they are gonna be the bestest friends every! You guys do such a great job at LBR.


Sophie Brador said...

Both gorgeous dogs! And that puppy picture. Oh my. So cute.

Anonymous said...

Cubby, thanks for loaning the Moms to us to make sure everything went OK. Moms, thanks so mich for making the adoption posible for us. Sarge and us are soooo happy to have Blade living with us now. He and Sarge play non-stop and are really enjoying being brothers!!!

Sarge and Blade's People

Finnegan said...

I love happy endings! They look happy, healthy, and wonderful.

Hurray for rescue pups!


Peanut said...

Another happy ending. Yeah. They look like they are having tons of fun together