Dakota's Buddy (Ornament 15)

We got up early this morning because Mickey had to go to Legacy Boxer Rescue's adoption fair. I had to stay upstairs so that Mickey could play, and he became best buds with Dakota. They played and played while I was locked in the bedroom with mom.

Cairo asked if Mickey was a part black boxer. Actually, Mickey is called a reverse brindle. He has more black than brown in his striping.

At pet fair, Mickey met a very nice family, and tonight they adopted him! Wahoo! No more Mickey in my house! No more crate!

Here he is with his new family (there is a girl, too)! Sorry for the small picture. I'll post a better one later, when we get it. Thanks to my friend, Kathy, for getting him away from me (I mean for taking him over to his new family).

Today's ornament is a very smart snowman couple. They are very cute, and they look very happy together.


Peanut said...

Oh yeah yeah yeah I'm so glad Mickey found a home with a kid. Kids are the best. Plus I'm glad you can go back to being where ever you want in your house. Those snowmen do look quite happy together.

Xsara ... said...

It's so nice that Mickey found a home with a kid!

threecollie said...

Glad Mickey found a home, but I hope we see more pictures of him in the future. He is a very beautiful dog.

Joe Stains said...

what a happy ending for all involved. well, except Dakota I guess.

Bella the Boxer said...

Happy to hear that Mickey found a loving home and you got your house back again!

xoxo - Bella

Comet and BLU said...

That's double good news. Not only does Mickey find a good home, but you aren't stuck in the crate any more. Everyone wins.