March at a Glance

March has been a crazy month at Legacy Boxer Rescue! Rescue is like a roller coaster ride!

We got an update from Missy's mom. Missy is doing great, and she loved the snow we got. The moms helped her find her new home last summer (they left me alone for 6 hours!).

Justine's puppies grew up and got cone heads - they are so cute, and getting close to being ready for adoption.

Unfortunately, three of those babies did not make it, including little Lucky. It's so hard to lose those sweet babies.

Little Orchid got hit by a car. LBR took her in, and she had very pricey jaw surgery. She is doing well, even though she had a broken jaw, a broken pelvis, and a torn ligament. Thanks for saving and loving her, Liz and Felix!

Just this week, Susan agreed to foster this poor little boy. His name is Trek. He got adopted from the shelter, but then returned because he had kennel cough. Poor little skinny guy.

Little Sophee, one of the Valentine's Day puppies, came down with parvo. After an expensive hospital stay, she rallied. The day she was going to come home, she came down with distemper. The poor little thing didn't make it.

Her brother and sister, Solo and Sissy, thrived in their foster home, grew their hair back, and got bigger. Sissy got adopted!

Amidala (white) got to meet one of her foster mom's former fosters, Bonita (brindle). They had a good old time!

Diesel's mom also sent us some pictures. The moms originally visited Diesel's new family, and helped them adopt him. They loved that family!

My little namesake, Cubby, got adopted, and he now has a pit bull sister. His birth sister, Annette, was in the last post. She is still looking for a home.

Poor little Frasier came into LBR's care. He has HOD (hypertrophic osteodystrophy). It is a terribly painful disease.

Here is a video of little brave Frasier doing his best to be a normal puppy. You can tell he is hurting. LBR will support him through this process, and he should grow up to be a normal, healthy boxer.

Another boxer was also hit by a car. Pretty Nikiya had a broken leg and a crushed foot. She is healing up at her foster mom, Tina's house.

Pretty Kayleigh got adopted by a wonderful family. This is Kayleigh with her foster sister on the way to the adoption. I know the little girl misses her Kayleigh.

Tiny skinny Gage came into LBR's care when his owners decided they couldn't afford his vet care. He is such a cute little boy!

And of course, we found beautiful lost Cami, as I already reported. We also had lots of adoptions, two pet fairs and a big garage sale - we needed the bucks with all those surgeries!

There were many heartaches, laughs, and heartwarming moments in March at LBR. I'm exhausted just writing about it! Think of how tired all the wonderful LBR volunteers must be!


Charlie said...

What a month you had!
- Charlie

One of the pack said...

Wow. This is a very inspiring month. Great job once again, Legacy.

Ari_1965 said...

I wish I lived in Texas. Buddha would love to wrestle with a like-minded Boxer. But there are very few on Petfinder.com in my area. Those that are get snapped up pretty quickly, or are listed as not getting along with other dogs.

Simba said...

Some really sad stories there. I hope all the dogs find the loving homes they deserve.

Simba x

Rosie said...

Excellent work, guys!

Moco said...

LBR has done a great job. It is hard to believe that they did all of that in a month. Keep up the good work.

Peanut said...

Mom wants to bring Fraiser home with us and let him live here. Some happy stories some sad but LBR has done a great job with all of them.

Cassidy said...

Another bittersweet month. Wee done again to all at LBR.

Cassidy x

Joe Stains said...

sound like a very busy month indeed, the LBR does such wonderful work, we are sending healing thoughts for all those boxers!

Willie & Waylon said...

That is very inspiring. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the healing pups. LBR does incredible work.

Moab said...

What a busy month! I haven't been keeping up lately but it sounds like you guys have been doing great work as always. Keep it up and know that all of us in the boxer community appreciate you!

threecollie said...

Your folks do such great work. It is just awesome!