April at a Glance

Well, April was a crazy month at Legacy Boxer Rescue. Before I tell you about it, I have an announcement.

We did it! Due to some expensive medical bills, LBR needed $6000 before we could save any more dogs. We never take in more dogs than we can afford to support, but we needed money to bring in more.

Fortunately, our supporters stepped up to the plate and hit a home run! We got donations from volunteers, previous adopters, loyal fans, and bloggers! Thank you so much - LBR loves you all!

There are more heroes in this story, also. The shelter committee worked through the crisis, keeping the boxers in need safe until we could raise the money. Since we reached our goal this evening, the foster committee has kicked into high gear to find foster homes for the urgent boxers in need. Now the transport committee is revving up to get those boxers moved around the Metroplex, and the foster homes are preparing for their new babies.

Now for April at a glance:

Beautiful Sheba found a great home with a wonderful family. Sheba is their second LBR adoption.

They first adopted Maddie (below) in September. Tragically, they lost Maddie only a few months later to cancer. We are thrilled that they loved Maddie, and that they are now loving Sheba.

Sheba's sweet sister Shelby also found her forever home. Her wonderful foster family considered keeping her, but decided to let her go so that they could save more boxers. What a wonderful sacrifice they made.

Little baby Solo was adopted after recovering from a terrible case of sarcoptic mange. He is such a doll!

After pulling Charlie Bear from the shelter, we found that he was suffering from thyroid cancer. We miss that sweet boy, but we are glad that he was loved to the end instead of dying alone in the shelter. Thanks for loving him, Sandi!

Rugby found a great dad, a human sister, and a tiny little dog to call his own!

Precious Rylie, who was adopted from LBR, and belonged to an LBR volunteer, succumbed to an illness. Her parents miss her dearly.

We had a puppy naming fundraiser to name Justine's puppies. Below you see Sherman, named after our blogging friend, Sherman, and Cairo, named after my lovely honey, Cairo! Both of these boys were adopted in April! Their sister, Kaya, is still shopping around for a forever home.

Tragically, we lost this beautiful boy, Spader. Condolences to his wonderful foster mom, Wendy.

Snoop, one of Kathy's foster boys, was adopted. He waited a long time for the right home, but he found it! Who could resist that face?

Little Trek made a brave try to overcome distemper. Just when we thought he was out of the woods, his condition worsened, and we lost him. We're sorry we couldn't save you, but we'll never forget you.

Vittles (now Walter), who was adopted from LBR last year, was diagnosed with cancer. We all sent boxer vibes to Walter, and now his prognosis is good. We're still sending those vibes, big guy!

Logan found a great new buddy and a happy forever home! Look how happy everyone is!

We lost beautiful Mav. His foster mom, Gail, worked so hard to help him overcome his issues, but he could not get over his terrible past. Thanks you for loving the little guy, Gail, and working so hard to save him.

Little Noodles found himself looking for a new home at only 8 weeks! He is a boxer/pug mix, but cute as a button, and oh, so feisty. He is lucky enough to be fostered by my former foster mom, Vasha! Say "Hi" to Kaiser and Lola for me, Noodles! We all love this cute little guy! The best part is that he gets to stay in the LBR volunteer family! Erica and Braden are going to adopt him! Congratulations, guys!

I got to see little Noodles play with this girl, Jazzy, at the last adoption fair. They were having a great time! Jazzy was so frisky because she also got to stay in the LBR volunteer family. She got adopted by her foster mom! She was at the adoption fair to get microchipped. We don't want that girl to get lost!

Little Cira was the last one of Celeste's babies to be adopted. She says she was just waiting for her family to show up! I'm not sure how such a tiny boxer had such giant babies...

Doug became an LBR volunteer after adopting JoJo (now Ellie). He has been a wonderful hard-working volunteer, and an excellent adoption counselor (to help adopters find the right boxer). He decided to foster, and found his newest family member, Rascal. Congratulations, Rascal, Doug, Ellie, and Marilyn on finding each other!

Poor little Frasier, who has HOD (hypertrophic osteodystrophy), a terribly painful disease, has responded very well to his medication. He still has a little trouble getting around, but not much. The little guys has some good news - he got adopted!

We had a fundraiser called Roses for Rescue. Basil's foster dads, Ken and Waylan, donated lots of rosebushes - you guys are awesome - and we had a great big sale! Aren't the roses beautiful? We also had a beer tasting/microchippng fundraiser, but I have no pictures of that!

You may remember Cami's story. After being adopted, she was lost in the woods for over a week. Thanks to awesome LBR volunteers and friends, Cami was found and returned to her foster mom. Tina can't bear the thought of losing her Cami again, so she adopted Cami. Congrats, Cami!

Amidala's wait finally ended. She found her forever home in April! Yeah! Thanks to her wonderful foster parents, Amber and David.

Our biggest news of the month was the return of Journey. This was Journey in October. Journey was rescued from a puppy mill. She was in a cage too small for her, so she had troble with her back legs. LBR found her a foster home. The night before she was going to be taken out of the shelter, she was stolen, along with two other female boxers.

We never saw or heard any word from the three girls until Journey was found at the police station in the same town where she was stolen. This is what she looks like now. She is now named Damsel's Journey.

She has been abused, neglected, and starved. She had a prolapsed uterus. Even so, she has not lost her boxer spirit. She is recovering well. You can see her story that aired on the local news here. You can also see her foster mom, Kathy! We are still trying to find the other two girls. There is a $3000 reward for their return.

Busy, busy month. The work never seems to end in rescue!


Cairo The Boxer said...

OMG!!! What a month! Why are people so mean and cruel?

I am so happy that you made the money I love all the hard work you all do! I hope you have a better May.

Simba said...

Its always lovely to hear about the dogs going to loving homes. But what they have to go through to get there is just so wrong.

Simba x

threecollie said...

I am simply in awe of what you folks accomplish! Keep up the great work!

Charlie - The Big Dog said...

Hi Cubby!
Thats great that you made your target! I hope you and Dakota are well and you find LOTS more furever homes, because I just cant get enough of those smiling happy face photo's!

Ferndoggle said...

Yay! We see LBR met their fundraising goal!! Way to go Cubby. You guys do such a wonderful job...we're honored to be able to help out.

Sherman, Penny & Lola

One of the pack said...

This is a completely exhausting tale! You guys get 100 stars! Those losses are so hard! Our love goes out to all the fosters. Congratulations on having such a hard working group with a loyal following. Another fabulous month!

One of the Pack at Forget Sit and Stay

Peanut said...

So many awful things but so many good ones.

Moco said...

Good job on reaching your goal and being able to help so many.

Sparky said...

Wow, it's been a busy month! I'm sad for all the dogs that were lost, but I'm overfilled with joy for all the dogs who found their new forever homes!

I hope you all have a grrrrEAT weekend!


Joe Stains said...

happy news and sad news, we are thinking of all the boxers that still need our good vibes. You guys do GREAT work!

Willie & Waylon said...

What a month. So sad to hear about the passing of so many, but at least they were loved at the end.

You guys are awesome!!