I Love My Grunting Sheep!

Last night we got a package from Fur the Animals! I though I'd show you the goods since you might be wondering what to order with your gift certificates.

Every person or pup who donates $35 to Legacy Boxer Rescue from now until July 31 will get a $5 gift certificate to Fur the Animals. If you donate $50, you will get a $10 gift certificate! In addition to that, I will make you your very own Cubby Art for free!

In addition to the ducks and bunnies that my moms ordered, we got a bonus! We got this awesome sheep!

I love my sheep! Thank you, LK! This sheep is the best stuffy ever! He grunts, too! It's easy. You just have to press on him a little and he grunts!

I confess, I did make a little tear in him, so he is now residing in the stuffy hospital, but I'm sure his surgery will be a success!

Now that you have admired my sheep, I want to introduce you to Utah! He is a very handsome young brindle boxer, as you can see.

Utah loves his Corgi foster brother! He is all about playing all day, and snuggling all night!

His foster mom thinks he was beaten before he came to Legacy Boxer Rescue, because loud noises and sudden movements scare him. Poor boy.

Utah's former people also did not take good care of him. He had heartworms, and he has spent the last several weeks going through treatment for that. When you are going through treatment, you can't run or play - that's terrible for a young active boxer! His treatment ends Friday, and then he will be as good as new, and ready to start looking for a new home!

Utah really wants a family to love him and a dog buddy to wrestle. Do you know any families like that? He's a little too fond of cats, though, if you know what I mean.

If you are not the perfect family for Utah, I understand. I'm not either. You can still help!

Just make a small donation to Legacy Boxer Rescue, and you can help Utah and boxers like him, who just want to be loved.


Peanut said...

Oh man I need a brother like Utah. Maybe he could take out the cat.

Moco said...

He is a lovely fellow. We hope Grammie gets us one of those cool toys with the gift certificate.

Joe Stains said...

Utah is a handsome boy and looks happy! I hope he finds a furever home!

One of the pack said...


Oooh. The sheep is a nice big toy, and we love grunters! Very much fun for all. Utah is quite a handsome guy too. I hope you have lots of Cubby art to do for all the donations.

Loving life,


Simba said...

I'd love a brother like Utah, we could play bitey face all day long.

Simba x