Thanks so much to my wonderful blogging friends for donating to Legacy Boxer Rescue. So far, we have raised almost $4,000, but we have to get to $10,000 before we can start saving boxers again.

First, I want to thank Grammie and the gang at Moco Online! They are wonderful, and they have a Poop-O-Matic. Mom is totally jealous.

Next I want to thank Zero (Happy Birthday) and her mom at Craft Adventures of Stitch Chick. Go visit and wish Zero belated birthday wishes.

Finally, I want to thank Joe Stains and the Doofus. I will reiterate that Joe has the funniest blog around. Check it out!

While I'm here, I want to introduce Mallory. She came to Legacy Boxer Rescue several months ago, pregnant with three huge babies!

One of them was named after me! Mallory was an excellent mommy dog, and her three babies have been adopted for a while. Mallory is ready for her own forever home.

Her foster mom, Kathy, always says she is the best foster ever. She loves all the other dogs, and is a complete sweetheart.

I just love that face. If you can't give Mallory her forever home, you can still donate to help pay for her care and to save other boxers. Just click on the sad boxer face at the top of the page.


Peanut said...

Cubby do you think you could just sneak Mallory on down here to me? It's only about 5 hours one way.

Simba said...

What cute puppies, so tiny.

Simba x

Moco said...

Thanks Cubby,
We enjoy helping. The poop-o-matic works really well. We have saved quite a bit from ending in the land fill.

One of the pack said...


That is one Magnificent Mallory! Thanks for sharing.

Journey, King of Tug

Joe Stains said...

We always help when we can, we wish we could give so much more! That is one beautiful baby mama hehe!