Magnum Update

Magnum got to leave the vet office on Tuesday evening and go to his foster home. He is doing very well! His wound looks good. He's a little nervous right now, but hopefully he will come around when he gets to feeling better. His drain will come out as soon as he stops draining, and his stitches will be out in about 10 days. His appetite is not great, but he is eating some.

He is spending most of his time in his crate getting the rest he needs. He also gets to go outside quite a bit and enjoy the nice fresh air. He really seems to enjoy that!

He also has heartworms, so he has a lot of recovering to do, and won't be ready for adoption for a while.

On a different note, Magnum's vet bill is over $2500 so far. If you have some extra cash sitting around, please consider sending it in for Magnum. If you mention me when you Paypal, you can have a free Cubby Art with your donation. Click here to donate.


Simba said...

I hope Magnum is feeling better soon.

Simba x

Hugo said...

Hope he gets better soon. I keep him in my prayers tonight!


Moco said...

I have figured out that paypal think, so now I don't need any help from "them". Hopefully Magnum will get better and go to a wonderful home.

Peanut said...

hmm have to check the bank account when mom isn't looking. We want Magnum to get all better soon.

Mike said...

That is so great to know that magnum is getting better day by day and he is recovering faster.All my prayers are with him.
Keep us updating on his health.


Crikit, Sparky, Ginger! said...

Magnum's always in our prayers. We know a loving family is looking for him and one day... looking forward to that post

love licks