Enough Already

Somehow the moms have developed an unnatural obsession with Dakota's little trick.

I guess because they have spent seven years watching her sit on the couch and scratch, they are amazed that she can actually do something well.

Now they are even taking scary still shots in addition to the videos. Guess what, moms! I can actually eat out of a bowl. Maybe they should take a picture of that.

The worst part of it, is that they are giving her MY food to do this trick. Hey! What's wrong with you people.

Enough with the camera. I am out of here. Anyone need a boxer? You need not apply if you have a dorky Lab.


Peanut said...

Come on over

Bae Bae said...

Haa that's a pretty cool trick

~ Bae

Sparky said...


I must say, that trick is pretty cool... But the fact that they're using YOUR food is just downright wrong.


Moco said...

You are welcome at our house anytime. We are off to make a donation for Fender.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Good stuff. I love the action shots


Joe Stains said...

Sorry, I have worse than a labradork, I have a doofus.

Chef said...
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Chef said...

OOOps. Couldn't even spell my name... as I was saying - I could use a Boxer buddy, Cubby. I'm sending you a bus ticket.