Coconut Needs Your Help!

Today, I'm taking the day off and giving things over to my buddy, Coconut. Legacy Boxer Rescue pulled her out of the shelter with a hurt leg. It turns out, it is a broken leg. We started to raise money for her surgery, and had the surgery scheduled, when she came down with distemper. After a week in the hospital - touch and go - she finally got to come home. She is a strong girl. Now after she recovers from her illness, she is going to have surgery on her broken leg. Surgery plus a week of hospitalization equals big bucks! Now coconut will tell you her story before her distemper...


My name is Coconut and I really need your help. I guess I should tell you my story:

Somehow I ended up in a shelter. I'm not sure where my family went. I guess maybe they didn't want me anymore because I was broken - broken in more ways than one. You see, my leg is broken but not only that, my heart was broken too. I was sooo scared. There were so many dogs leaving with the shelter workers. I’m not sure what happened to them and I really didn't want to find out. Wherever they went, something inside me told me that it wasn't good. Other times, lots of people came and went, but they were always looking at the other dogs. They were smiling and so happy. I saw so many dogs leave with them, their tails wagging. No one ever looked at me. If they did stop, it was only for a minute. I heard one of them say "Awww, poor baby. No one is going to want that one because she's broken”. That made me really sad. So sad that I laid at the back of my kennel for several days. What was the use in staying up front? No one wanted a broken dog. I laid there alone with my leg swollen and hurting badly. But my leg didn't hurt nearly as much as my broken heart.

I made a wish. A wish that someone would come along and see that I was beautiful both inside and out. You see, I may have a broken leg and a broken heart but my spirit wasn't broken. Besides that - broken legs can be fixed. I kept thinking about my wish and vowed that I would never give up. I dreaded the day that the workers would come and take me beyond the "door" where the others went.

But that didn't happen!!! One day two ladies came to the shelter and guess what? They came to my kennel and stayed for awhile. They even got me out of my kennel. They gave me a lot of love and even took pictures of me. Believe me when I tell you that I gave them my best smile. I did have to go back in the kennel for a few more days but then, low and behold, one of the ladies came back just like she had promised. She said “Come on baby” and I took my walk right out of there, through the door where the other dogs with wagging tails went. Can you believe it?!?!?!? She took me even though I was broken! She drove me to the other lady and now I have my very own foster mom.

The nice ladies are with Legacy Boxer Rescue. They made a promise to me that I would get well, never be lonely, hungry, or scared ever again. They even said that once I get my leg fixed, I will get my very own family! Can you believe it?!?!? Me???

I have to tell you that I have never been happier. I would have never, in a million years thought that someone could really love a broken girl like me. Wishes really do come true.

Now this is where I need you. Legacy says that it will cost a lot of money to fix my leg. So I was hoping that you would find it in your heart to donate a few dollars so that a broken girls’ dream can come true. Even a little change will help. Thank you for reading my story.

Many hugs and kisses to all.



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Moco said...

We are off to find the crazy old bat's paypal acount. She's so daft she will not even realize it was us that used it.