Hard Night for Me

Last night, I wasn't feeling well. At three in the morning, the moms noticed my stomach was distended. They jumped up, got dressed, and guess where we ended up!

Uh oh. The bad news from the doc - gastric torsion and bloat! If you don't know those big words, what it means is that the stomach swells up like a balloon and flips over, cutting off the escape route for gas, and cutting off circulation. Let me tell you what else it means. It hurts like CRAZY!

The doc deflated my balloon belly and treated me for shock. Then she went out to talk to my moms. She thought things looked good for surgery. They caught it very early - I was still walking when they brought me in. The moms decided to give me a chance to fight.

Three hours of surgery later, the news was good. Except for a little problem with my heart during the surgery, everything went smoothly. The doc said I had the abdomen of a five year old! My stomach was in good shape.

The moms came to take me to see my regular vet for the day (the ER is closed during the day). It was a rough car ride. I couldn't get up, I was dopey from the surgery, and I had to potty in the worst way!

We made it okay, though. No unfortunate accidents in the car. Mom drove like she had a car full of glass. I finally got to the vet office, and they took me in. They wouldn't let me get up, even though I still had to potty! Embarrassingly, even though I tried and tried to tell them, I finally had to potty right there lying on the exam table. They all said it was ok, though. It happens with all the fluid they had to give me. Still. Ew.

I've been there all day now, and I am ready to go home! The ladies keep taking me out when I cry to go potty. I am feeling better and walking. They finally stopped giving me fluids, and my moms can pick me up to come home soon! I am doing so well, I don't even have to spend another night at the ER!


Brenda in the City said...

Feel better cubby! Paws crossed for a speedy recovery. Your boxer fan Nikki (transcribed by her human, Brenda)

Moco said...

We are so glad that you are better. We would have leaked for years if anything had happened to you. We are off to do a circle of healing vibes at this momemt just to be sent to you. Take it easy and get well big guy. We are so lucky to have hoomans who pay attention to and care about us.

Joe Stains said...

oh no this is terrible! we are so glad you are ok though. Your humans must have been so scared!!

Rushy The Boxer said...

We are so glad that you are better and hope you are feeling 100% soon.

Get some really good R & R!!

Ruby Bleu said...

Oh Cubby... How scawie!!!! I'm so happy you are feeling better and gets to go home soon! Get better soon!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

threecollie said...

Poor, poor Cubby, and your poor moms...hope you are feeling much better today.