Home Again

I spent the day yesterday at the vet office. It was not cool to hurt so bad, need to potty constantly, and be locked in a cage! The one good thing was that my friend Jennifer was there. She's my babysitter - here she is the other day when she came over.

She also works at my vet office. Anyway, I think I scared her half to death when she saw me. She didn't know I was there when she got there, and I came hobbling in from a potty break. She saw me and nearly freaked. I just went and put my head on her. Then we both felt better.

Finally, my moms came to get me. The ride home was not cool. In fact it was hot. It's Texas in August, after all. This may look like a smile on my face - I was being brave for mom - but really it was panting combined with pain and anxiety. Rough.

It was a short ride, and when I got home I wanted to walk to the potty area, but the moms thought that was too far. I humored them and pottied in front of the apartment. I went in, said hey to Dakota (who seemed a little freaked out), and crashed on the floor for a few hours.

Since then I have eaten a few bites, taken some medicine, had a little drink, and pottied several times. I only can stay up about five minutes before I crash again. Surgery is hard on a guy.

I am spending the night on the couch, since the doc says no stairs for a while. Mom is sleeping on my dog beds - LOL. Who's in charge here, do you think?!?!


Fern said...

oh my goodness Cubby!! Sounds like you had a rough time! I'm so glad you're home and ok. Get well soon buddy!!


Sue said...

Cubby! What a scare for your moms!!! Sending healing vibes from your friends in Flower Mound and Argyle. Hope you're back to your old self very soon!! Oh and take advantadge of having your moms at your beck and call!! ((HUGS and KISSES)) Sarge, Patch, Gunny and Diesel and of course the 2 leggers!

threecollie said...

Cubby, You have fans all over the world, who love you from a distance. Best wishes for a speedy and uneventful recovery coming your way from upstate NY.

Joe Stains said...

I think I know exactly who is in charge! Glad to hear you are home, we are sending healing vibes.