Poor Dakota

My baby sister has to have surgery! In light of my recent experience with surgery, I can tell you it is not fun, and it hurts. So while Dakota is annoying, I don't want her to hurt.

Dakota is kind of a freak, you see. In many, many ways, but this time, I am talking about medically. She started out with 21 toes - very weird. She has always had ear infections. We now know that they are from food allergies. She finally stopped having ear infections when we started eating our Fish Food. Unfortunately, she's also a bottomless pit of hunger. So, one day when we were at Cousin Dude's house, she broke into the laundry room and ate all of his food. Now this was not a mere bowl of food, but an entire container feeder. So, shortly after that, she got another ear infection.

This time, the moms could not get rid of it. Doctor visits, antibiotics, ear drops, ear gels, ear wash - nothing helped. It has been months, and finally the vet has decided she needs surgery. They are going to remove her whole earcanal, and she will be deaf in that ear (I'm totally sneaking up on her from that side!). Here is the graphic picture - hope you're not eating lunch.

It's been terrible to live with her - she smells - I am always pointing that out to the moms. She flaps her head all the time. It's terrible.

The moms say we are going to put them in the poor house - I'm not sure what that is, but they don't seem very happy about it. They love us, though, and we give them free kisses, so they owe us!


Moco said...

We will do a circle of healing vibes for Dakota. Dawson gets ear infections also. If they removed his ear canal we would be able to see right through his head. The crazy old bat says, "what better way to spend your money."

nl1990 said...

oh poor Dakota! tell the moms "good luck!"

hope you're feeling better too.


Casey said...

...Eww. I wish you'd given the "no eating" warning a little earlier. That's disgusting! Poor Dakota. I hope she feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

You take care of your sister Cubby. No sneaking up on her 'bad' side for at least two weeks. And give her lots of kisses from Aunt Rhonda.

Peanut said...

Oh poor dakota. That looks awful and like it hurts.

Joe Stains said...

Oh geez that stinks. literally. We hope she is ok.