Finally, after two weeks of torture, Dakota was released from her cone of shame! She says this whole thing wasn't all bad. She got nummy food while she was coned. She also got to poke me with the cone all the time.

When the cone came off, she didn't make a big deal. She sniffed it as if to say, "No hard feelings," and proceeded to spend the next few hours licking and scratching all the parts she was unable to lick and scratch for two weeks.

Her cone left her with a crazy rooster hair-do, but she doesn't seem to mind all the laughing from the moms.

Besides the rooster comb and the half-shaved head, she seems a little lop-sided. Her bad ear seems to hang a little lower now. Maybe all the hair was holding it up...

After I finish this post, Dakota is getting her bath - no more stink! She doesn't know it yet, so I'll let her be happy for a few more minutes.

Dakota has one final message for you...

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