Just Call Me Tristan...

The moms are thrilled that Dakota and I are healthy and happy again. We are even playing with each other again, which is something we haven't done for a while. We have been wrestling and having fun since Dakota's cone came off.

Here we are killing a cow (that used to be one of my special, private, no-Dakota toys). But hey - what is that on my hiney?

Yesterday, while we were walking, mom noticed a little hairless spot on my butt, about the size of a Tic-Tac. She touched it and a bunch more hair came out, until it was the size of a Lifesaver. What the heck? She ran me up to the vet, who said I have a staff infection (and increased the size of the spot to donut-hole sized)! I didn't even know I had a staff! Get me a treat, staff!

Mom says, "No, Cubby, a staph infection." Oh. Well that's not so good. Hopefully, the ointment the doctor gave me will clear it up. If not, we'll be looking at some more antibiotics!

So now, mom is threatening to call me Tristan (AKA Popeye). You guys might not know Tristan, but he is a little Shih Tzu that totally dominates my friend, Margaret. Margaret saved him from a shelter when he didn't look nearly this cute.

He had a popped out eye! Ouch! He also has a permanently bald hiney. LOL. Unlike me, though, he can do a Donald Trump comb-over on his bald spot. Mine is just out there.


Moco said...

We hope that staff gets it self off your bum and busy doing some healing. Take care good friend.

Margaret said...

Ooooooh! Look at that precious baby boy, Tristan. He told me to tell Cubby that meds will fix his bald hiney right up. Unfortunately, meds won't help the T man.