New Digs

Well, I have some news. Casa Cubby has moved! A few weeks ago, my place flooded. The moms didn't know, because it flooded near a wall, and you couldn't see the water - it was all under the carpet.

The result was that suddenly our place started smelling BAD. Ugh! So, we had to figure out what to do. Ultimately, it was decided that we would move - next door!

We checked out the new place, and it seemed a little weird - everything was backwards! It's a mirror image of the old place!

Then the moms started the move. I don't know if any of you bloggers have moved before, but it is difficult. The moms carried all of our stuff from one place to the other. We were pretty confused. The old place got more and more empty, until finally, we started staying in the new place.

The moms kept making fun of me, because whenever we went for a walk, I would try to go in the old place. It was all a big joke until mom did the same thing one day!!! Now only one mom is laughing at me!

Some things got lost in the move. We lost our big lamp, a drafting table, and lots of injured stuffies. The biggest thing we lost, though, was my couch! Now we have no couch at all! I'm not sure how the couch was lost between two doors that are a foot apart, but that's the story.

Where my couch used to sit, we now have three Mickey Mouse beds and now three beds with sides. The moms just might be loony - or maybe they can't count (2 dogs, 6 beds - hmm...). Maybe we are getting four new brothers? I guess there's plenty of spots to nap, but I miss my old smelly couch.

We all have to move into the future, I suppose. I am glad the move is over, so now the moms can stop whining about all the hard work!

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Moco said...

That moving is hard work. We are a little confused about the lost sofa. Do you suppose it was sucked into a time warp continium?