Eight is the Magic Number!

Who is this cute little puppy? You guessed it! It's my sissy, Dakota! And, it is her birthday today!

Awww, she used to be so cute and little, but those days are OVER! Now she is giant and old! Eight years old!

The moms gave her a screaming monkey, which she promptly destroyed. They also sang to her! (Notice she is wearing a cool Vikings collar, while I am wearing a girly flowery collar - what's up with that?)

Then they gave her a this very cute frog. They also gave her two big beds!

At first, she was just posing in her new bed, but then she started talking smack!

Can you believe she would tell me to stay off her bed. It's new, and it smells like the pet store. I am interested!

Finally, she settled down to incessantly squeak her frog. Ugh - will it ever stop?

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Dakota!!! We all love you!!!


Peanut said...

Happy Birthday Dakota.

Moco said...

Happy Birthday to you Dakota.

Casey said...

Wow, two beds? She's living the life! That's a nice one, too. I got one just like it -- in red -- for my birthday last month.

Happy birthday, Dakota!