Pluto needs your help!

At 12:58 pm Central time, Legacy Boxer Rescue sent out a plea to its volunteers:

Boxer in need just came into a local shelter with a broken foot.
They are trying to get us pictures.
He will be
put to sleep at 5pm to end his suffering if we can't help.
Who can foster this boy?

At 3:30, with only an hour and a half to spare, two amazing volunteers got together to work out a home for him. Amazing Lorie will take him for a couple of weeks until Marvelous Melaney gets back from her vacation. Then Melaney will be his foster mom.

Super Kim and Terrific Trevor jumped in the car to spring this handsome boy from the shelter and take him to the emergency vet. Melaney named him Pluto!

Now he is safe at the vet and getting the care that he needs. The weekend stay at the vet to TRY to save the leg until he can see a surgeon on Monday will cost between $1900 and $2400.

We really don't even know if his leg is broken at this moment in time. They will be taking x-rays tonight some time. What they are most concerned with at this time is infection and dead tissue. If they don't get the blood flowing and the infection under control, then Pluto will face the possibility of amputation regardless of the bone damage he might also have.

Thank you to LBR for giving him the chance to live and save his leg. Now, we need your help to pay the bill, so please put up a little cash to help us save this handsome boy.

I'm going to go make my donation right now in honor of the incredible volunteers that came together so quickly to save a life. You are my heroes!


Peanut said...

Mom says we will donate once she gets back to her computer. We are using her phone right now

Moco said...

We are always glad to help LBR.

threecollie said...

Poor, poor doggy...