More Snow!

Oh my, is the world turning upside down or what?!?!? More snow is coming down again!

Dakota, of course, has a big goofy grin - she thinks the snow is like manna from heaven! She loves to go outside in the blizzard!

We may just have to pack up and move to Florida!


Casey said...

Dakota looks very happy! I don't mind walking in the snow, but my mom gets as goofy a grin as Dakota about it. Sheesh.

Moco said...

We got snow here also. Dakota does look as if she couldn't be happier.

Kasha said...

Or move to Arizona. It is nice here! Happy New Year!

THE ZOO said...

We hope yall hafe a Happy New Year.

pam said...

We've got lots of snow here so don't come to Michigan!

My big brother Bobo likes to play in the snow. I however am a delicate flower and Don't Like!

Bobo and Meja