Puppy Pharmacy

I thought for the new year, I might warn all you doggies about getting old. Just say no, if you ask me! This is how we start our day.

Mom takes our daily pill container down and pours all the day's pills in my food bowl. She says then I still get all the expensive pill crumbs when I eat. To trick us into eating the pills, she uses this nummy Nature's Recipe canned food. Sometimes I eat the food and spit the pill out, so I can get more nummy food, but I can't do it too often - I don't want the top of mom's head to pop off!

These are the pills we take - I'm telling you, it's a regular doggy drug den over here.

We don't take all the drugs at once, though - some of them go with dinner.

Today we must have been extra good, because look what we got after the moms had breakfast!

Yes, you are seeing correctly - scrambled eggs! Mom says the eggs are expiring again, so jackpot for us!

Now don't you all worry - the moms are not just giving us pills and eggs willy nilly. All of that is prescribed by a bonafide doctor. I guess when you get old like me or if you are a genetically deficient mutant 21 toed post-legged freak like Dakota, you need lots of medicine just to get through the day.

Happy New Year!


Moco said...

We are glad that you have all those pills to help keep you in tip top shape. Good for the moms.

Casey said...

Hey, growing old beats the alternative! I take my pills with some yummy cheese squirted over them, and I don't mind them at all. Mm, cheeeeeese...

Joe Stains said...

Pepcid helps me but Mom isnt sure if she can give it to me everyday, Do you get it daily?

Cubby said...

I take four Pepcid daily, since August. I take two with breakfast, and two with dinner. I am bigger than you, though (not in attitude, but in pounds).