More Toys - Oh My!

Santa must have a giant surplus of toys, because mom came home today with an even bigger stack of toys! And my snowman friend from yesterday got a new blue hat - see him there smiling in the front like yesterday never even happened!

Dakota was so happy her tail was flying like a helicopter blade, smacking everything in its path!

I went straight for the grinning snowman, while Dakota immediately grabbed the duck with the Santa hat - she's such a typical retriever.

You can hear her in the background incessantly squeaking the duck, while I play with the snowman and the very cute rocking horse. Yay for Christmas!


Baxter said...

Wow they are so lucky, I wonder how long they will last. I would give my Boxer about one week to "undress" all of those.

Casey said...

Wow, your moms really love you!

Moco said...

Did the mom's slip a cog? They went ape crap over that Christmas stuff. Lucky you.