Christmas in January!

Mommy came home with a care package from Santa! Oh my goodness! Apparently Petco is selling their Christmas toys for 75% off, so I hit the Jackpot! Look at this haul!

Notice the very cute snowman with the green hat on the bottom right of the above picture? He was my first victim!

I tried to help him take off his hat. The moms always take off the winter garb in the house, so I am just helping the guy.

I also helped him off with his scarf, of course.

I'm not sure what happened to the rest of those things. I'm sure he probably did it to himself. Maybe his self esteem was damaged when he went on clearance? He just couldn't take it anymore...

I'm sure he did all of that to himself. I am a gentleman, you know. Notice how innocent I look in that picture up there. A little sad at the demise of the snowman, but definitely innocent.

Dakota also denies knowledge of what might have happened to Rudolph's leg.


Casey said...

Wow, I'm starting to think my mom mistreats me! She's never brought me a haul like that. I just got one new toy for Christmas!

Moco said...

I bet the mom's are glad that all those stuffies were 75% off. You made quick work of that snowman. Do you think he just melted?