Go Cubbies

It was a fun weekend here.  My babysitter, Jennifer came Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to visit with me.  She took us for walks, slept on our dog beds, etc.  Big fun for us.  Now, I would prefer to have my moms with me, but Jennifer is second best.

Meanwhile, the moms went to THREE baseball games, can you believe it?  The Cubs came to town to play the Rangers. You would think they would let a dog named Cubby go to the Cubs game, but mom said no dogs allowed.  I am telling you, the discrimination in terrible.

I would personally boycott any place that did not allow my family in the door, but that's just me.

They had great seats the first night, and pretty good seats the other two games.  Mom was amazed because she has never been to a Ranger game when the stands were so full.  Just look at the stands - full to the top, people in almost every seat!  And SO many Cubs fans!

The Cubs took the series, and the moms are super excited.  Mom's new favorite Cubs player is Marlon Byrd.  She doesn't know why - he seemed funny during warm-ups, and he had lots of hustle.  Mom likes hustle in a baseball player.  He also signed a baseball for the man sitting in front of them.  Mom wanted a ball, too, but she doesn't like asking for autographs.

The moms promise that next weekend (a three-day weekend - yay), will be all about staying home with me and Dakota.  Woo-hoo!


Casey said...

The game looks like fun, but staying at home with the doggies is MORE fun!

You're lucky. My mom's abandoning me during the day the whole weekend. I may cry. Luckily my fun aunt is coming to play with me.

Moco said...

We really like Sweet Lou in our house. Your mom's were very lucky.