The Moms are in Trouble

Last night was the Sixth Annual Bow Wow Luau to benefit Legacy Boxer Rescue.  It's basically a big party for people and dogs!  Fun!

I was shocked to find out that not only was I not going to be allowed to attend the party, but, even worse, Dakota was going!  WHAT!?!?

She was thrilled when she found out, as you can see...

She was not quite so thrilled to find out that there was a costume contest.

This is Prada in her very girly outfit!

Noel was smashing in her bikini!

My favorite was Casey, the fisherman.  

Alas, the room seemed to prefer the uber-feminine, and Noel won the contest!  Sorry, Casey.  Some days, we men don't stand a chance.

Most of the Luau, Dakota spent manning the door with mom, eating carrots from the buffet.  She was very good at keeping out the riff-raff (like cats), and making sure that everyone got their raffle tickets.  I'm sure it was a coincidence that Dakota gave out the raffle tickets and then she won the raffle.

I'm surprised the moms even bothered to come pick me up at Dude's house after the luau.  Bad moms.  They didn't even bring me a treat off the buffet line!


threecollie said...

No treat!! You poor dog!

Anonymous said...

We missed you Cubby!!!

Casey said...

Thanks for the props! I was disappointed, but I know we have to share out the awards from year to year so people still bother coming to compete against me. ;) I'm sorry you couldn't make it, but I loved meeting your Sissy! She was a great ticket-taker.

One of the pack said...


We have some of those equality issues too. Of course, maybe you were much better off since apparently you had to wear some pretty strange stuff to get into this affair. And, you had to hob nob with cats? We did get a few smiles from the pics, though.

Happy Tails to You,


Moco said...

What in the world are the moms thinking? No carrots for you? We are are pondering this strange turn of events. Congrats to Dakota to be clever enough to get the winning ticket.