Hey, Rhonda!

Since you are awesome, I got you something!  Check it out!

Yep, I heard that you love this gum, so I sent the moms out to find some.  I told them not to come back until they had the goods.

Not just one pack, but a bunch of packs!  Enough to build a tower!  And my moms have the hook-up to get you as many as you need!

It's looking pretty good but I can go higher, because there is so much gum here!

Uh oh...Dakota the lummox is getting interested in what I am doing!  

Darn that Dakota!  She knocked down my tower, and is HAPPY about it!

Oh well, I still have your Mint Mojito gum, Rhonda.  All I charge is kisses, right on the mouth!  One for each pack!


Maggie said...

Cubby you're the bestest boxer! You deserve lots of kisses. Muwah right on the mouth!

Moco said...

Have her chew the gum before she kisses you. That way you get to share.

Charlie said...

Hi Guys! I Love your pictures! I'm a Maltese, but I have a BIG brother Boxer named Brusky. He's AWESOME (it's nice to know that he's always got my back)He's a lover but strangers don't know that, and sometimes I feel sorry for him...What do you do when you are smilin' on the inside but it's hard to tell from the outside?

Anton said...

You shoul also try tic tac :)). Congrat for your dog

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